Call for Artists and Performers


by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Andrei Belgrader

Open Call:

Monday, June 30, 2014
2pm – 8pm

No appointments - auditioners will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. 
No phone calls please.  If you have a question please email us at: .  Please note we will NOT accept online submissions, nor will we take rain checks or make appointments at this email address.

FOR ALL CHARACTERS: Please bring a headshot and resume.  Please prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue.  Character descriptions below.  This call is for UNDERSTUDIES only.

Actors of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition for all roles.

LOCATION:  Boston Court Performing Arts Center
70 N. Mentor Ave.
Pasadena, CA  91106

Parking located behind the building but please enter through the front of the building into the lobby.  There is also nearby street parking available.
CONTRACT: AEA 99-seat (Non-union okay)

RATE: Understudies receive $200 one-time rehearsal stipend, plus $25 per performance (two guaranteed performances outside the regular run)

Rehearsals Begin – 8/8/14
Tech – 8/29 – 8/31
Dress Rehearsals – 9/2 and 9/3
Previews Begin – 9/4/14
Opening – 9/13/14
Runs through 10/12/14 with possible extension through 10/26/14 TBD
Performance Schedule: Thurs-Sat evenings, Sunday matinees (one added Wed. evening performance on 10/8/14)

Renowned director Andrei Belgrader re-examines this Samuel Beckett classic, newly relevant to a generation burdened by climate change and environmental doom. Brooke Adams plays Winnie, a woman buried up to her bosom in a mound of dirt with nothing to pass the time but the ragged contents of her bag, her nimble wit, and her husband Willie lurking somewhere behind her. This droll, existential allegory demonstrates the vitality of the human spirit in the face of a deteriorating world.


Winnie: Woman, 50s, 60’s or thereabouts. Buried to her bosom, and later to her neck in a giant mound of earth, Winnie is an eternal optimist constantly staving off despair in the face of ever-more reduced circumstances. She is indomitable and fragile. Her cheeriness is punctuated with some moments of wry cynicism and fear. She has created her own routines and imbued her ordinary objects with passionate importance. She is incessantly chatty, her dialogue sprinkled with literary allusions, her prattle intended to fend off loneliness. The most important relationships she has are with the relentlessness of time and her mostly invisible, inaudible husband Willie, whom she desperately needs, when she can get him to interact with her prove that someone is still listening to her and that she is not alone.. (SEEKING UNDERSTUDY ONLY)

Willie: Man, 50s, 60’s or thereabouts. Winnie’s husband. Laconic, brusque, he is a man of few words and speaks rarely, except when he is urged or goaded beyond endurance, or when reading the headlines of his newspaper. As Winnie is buried in the physical earth, he is buried in his own distractions. Despite his tiny amount of text, his relationship with Winnie is crucial. With little dialogue to establish the character, the role requires an actor with strong nonverbal communication and physical skills. (SEEKING UNDERSTUDY ONLY)


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