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This winter, we are proud to partner with members of the Compton Artists Alliance who have created original artwork for our production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

About The Compton Art Alliance

Established in July 2017, its mission is to establish and maintain an artist community in the city of Compton, CA. The Compton Artists Alliance aims to help artist promote participation in the arts economy, provide opportunities for professional and personal growth while continuously supporting collaborative projects and art education.

Eva Mays Art

Eva Mays

Eva Mays is an artist, clinical social worker, and member of the Compton Artist Alliance. Gaining inspiration from an image, color pallet, various themes, and the modern interpretation of diverse forms of art, she likes to create bold pieces. As an artist with clinical training as a psychotherapist, she emphasizes the process through which her works are created, as much as the content and energy that is also created. Though artistic and meditative play, Eva has developed a technique to create multimedia paintings with deep texture, rich color, and brilliant shine. “Blanche 2017” is an abstract concept of the deep current of dark emotions that run through the multilayered characters of A Streetcar Named Desire. This modern adaptation of the Tennessee William’s production highlights themes of hypocrisy, rage, madness, judgment, shame, and despair. The political climate in 2017 ushered in a tidal wave of these same themes and provoked hatred and rage in diff erent forms from of all United States Citizens. “Blanche 2017” embodies this energetic expression and this passing year complements the tone of the messages within the play. evamaysartist.com | Instagram: @evamaysartist

Ariel Shipp Art

Ariel Shipp

Ariel Shipp has been studying and making art since she was a young child. She was trained at Lakewood High in Lakewood, CA where she graduated in 2010. Since 2010 she has been self-taught. Shipp remains engaged in the art community by going to poetry and music concerts for live painting and art shows throughout California. Shipp have shown at Juice C Juice Books and More in Carson, CA. The pieces the artists is showing represent an oppressed group of people overcoming that oppression. Her inspiration is from the poem “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” by Gil Scott Heron. Shipp's interpretation in this is depicting moments of revolutionary acts on a television screen. The A Streetcar Named Desire screenplay is in favor of a new social order and these pieces are her interpretation of what that new order might look like. Instagram: @poohlaah

Rosie Shields Art

Rosie Shields

Rosie Shields is an ARTivist, writer, Licensed Therapist, a proud Los Angeles native. Shields believes that art should not only be created for visual pleasure but also to address the conflicting messages and controversies it strikes up in the human psyche. Shields creates to tell a story, to spark emotion, thought and perspective for her viewer. Training at Community College institutions in Los Angeles and San Diego County has included Acrylic Painting, 2-D Design, 3-D Design, Figure Drawing, Creative Writing and Massage Therapy. Her artistic talents come from Shield's creator (her mother). If anything I hope that when you view my works you take with you a new and enlightened perspective, creative inspiration and show some level of emotional intelligence towards the message I am trying to convey. Instagram: @artepor_rose & @otic_rose | Email: arteporrose@gmail.com

Travis Michael Holder Art

Travis Michael Holder

As an actor, Travis Michael Holder has appeared on the Boston Court stage in Summertime, The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder, and Stupid F**king Bird. He worked with Tennessee Williams in the original production of NIGHT OF THE IGUANA at age 14, an association which led to appearances in many of the master’s greatest plays and travel conducting seminars on his life and career. Playing Williams in Lament for the Moths led him to New Orleans, which has since haunted his world and inspired his mission to capture the city and his hero on canvas. His paintings have been featured on Ava duVernay's Queen Sugar and an exhibit of his work is currently on display at the historic Charlie’s Steak House in New Orleans. TicketHoldersLA.com