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Sandra Tsing Loh
Music for a Ten Minute Opera
June 09, 2012

Sandra Tsing Loh was raised in the ‘60s and ‘70s by an almost six foot tall, Valkyrie-like, culture-mad German mother given to making her children study piano (also known as scales) with dwarf-like Italian conductors and taking the family to the exact same ballet 16 times.  Those were the days before Angry Birds and such enlightened 21st century parenting practices as fostering individual children’s actual interests.  And yet, now that Sandra is a mother herself, with two preteen daughters who dismayingly seem to know all the words to “songs” (are they really?) by not just Katie Perry; but someone called Ke$ha (Ke$ha?), she has become perio-menopausally in touch with her inner Valkyrie.  “Music for a 10-Minute Opera” brings her Breughel-like musical world to life for a family-friendly (and how far is that really from family-unfriendly?) audience--think classical piano trio meets utter hilarity.  Mit schlag.


This performance begins at 8pm. 

SANDRA TSING LOH is the author of the New York Times notable book Mother on Fire, inspired by her hit solo show of the same name, which ran for seven months at 24th Street Theatre.  Her other solo shows include "Aliens in America" and "Bad Sex With Bud Kemp" (both off-Broadway), "Sugar Plum Fairy" (Geffen Playhouse, Seattle Rep), and "I Worry" (Kennedy Center, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville).  Loh’s previous books include A Year in Van Nuys, Aliens in America, Depth Takes a Holiday, and a novel, If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now.  She has been a regular commentator on NPR’s "Morning Edition" and on Ira Glass’ "This American Life"; currently, her weekly segment "The Loh Life"" is heard on KPCC and her daily minute "The Loh Down on Science," is syndicated on 200 stations.  Excerpts from her solo piano CD Pianovision has been heard on several NPR shows, and she also scored the music for the 1998 Oscar-winning documentary Breathing Lessons.  She is currently a contributing editor for The Atlantic Monthly, and is scheduled to host a new science interview show, Quantum, for the National Geographic Channel beginning in May 2012.

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