Armenian Public Radio
The New Sound of Silent Film
Silent Horror Comedy " The Cat and the Canary"
with Live Score by Bassist Tom Peters
October 26, 2012

Bassist Tom Peters provides the live musical score for the silent film “The Cat and the Canary.” Mention the words “haunted house” and most people will think of all the standard clichés—a cobweb filled mansion on the hill, the will read at midnight, hidden passageways and trying to survive a night in the house without going insane. Many of these notions come from the 1927 comedy horror film The Cat and the Canary. 

This performance begins at 8pm. 

Directed by in the United States by German film director Paul Leni from the smash Broadway play, The Cat and the Canary is the perfect Halloween treat, and great fun to watch. Leni’s reimagining of the story has a decidedly expressionist bent with great visuals and a marvelously creepy story.

Click here to listen to an audio sample.

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