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Lao Tizer Quartet Photo
Vocalist Katie Campbell
Vocalist Katie Campbell
w/ Woodford Ehling Ratner Wallace
August 11, 2012 @ 8:30pm

"She is a freshly-uncorked bottle of champagne. The excitement of the initial pop, the giggly bubble as it pours into a glass, the raised eyebrows when you lift the potion to your lips, and the fizzy delight of the taste... This chick can funk it up big time, spot on and in the pocket. And she’s not one to rein in her enthusiasm - her unabashed joy in making music inhabits her whole body, down to her kaleidoscope red pumps... In many ways, experiencing Katie’s 90-minute set was like being at her birthday party – but it was the guests who got the gifts." —Amy Engelhardt of "The Bobs"

An astonishing group of young players who absolutely mesmerized the Jazz Bakery audience in several of their prior appearances and were a hit at last year's Culver City Music Festival.  Lucky for us, they are all in town again this summer. Hear them now, because these are the names of the future !... Colin Woodford —drums /  Otto Ehling —piano / Adam Ratner —guitar / Carter Wallace —bass.

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