Microfest: falcone | cubarsi
Dwight Trible and Company
The Jazz Bakery "Movable Feast"
The Music of Oscar Brown Jr.
August 04, 2012 @ 8:30pm

If you've ever heard Oscar Brown Jr, you are aware of his genius. He is a celebrated singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, civil rights activist and actor— famous for such songs as All Blues, Dat Dere, The Snake and Water Melon Man.

Trible and Oscar performed Brother Where Are You together for a documentary and maintained a decades-long friendship. On more than one occasion Oscar would take one of his poems and hand it to Dwight imploring him to "do something with it!" About a year ago, Trible and bassist Trevor Ware began to brainstorm a project. Later they ran into percussionist/soundscape artist Breeze Smith, drummer Paul Lagaspi and pianist John Beasley. They have chosen a mix of songs both well-known and some lesser-known, but deserving of wider recognition.

Dwight and company are excited about putting a new twist on these rare gems and invite you to come along on this magical excursion.

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