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written & directed by Nancy Keystone
created in collaboration with Critical Mass Performance Group
June 20 - July 28, 2013

Nancy Keystone’s Alcestis is a visceral exploration of the life-and-death struggle of a woman who volunteers to die to save her husband’s life, and the deals people make with the gods to avert the death decree. Hilarious, heartbreaking, highly stylized and physical as only Keystone and Critical Mass can be, this piece freshly investigates the nature of sacrifice, death, and the overpowering will to live.

Featuring: Russell Edge, Ray Ford, Lorne Green, Danielle Jones, Nick Santoro, Jeremy Shranko, Valerie Spencer, Kalean Ung, and Tommy Dickie, Christopher Hampton, Bonnie Ryan (Swings)

Production Staff:

Director/Writer/Set Designer: Nancy Keystone

Dramaturg: Emilie Beck

Lighting Design: Adam Frank

Sound Design/Original Music: Randall Tico

Projection Design: Adam Flemming

Costume Design: Sarah Brown

Properties Design: Jenny Smith

Casting Director: Raul Staggs

Asistant Set Design: Nick Santiago

Asistant Director: Turner Munch

Stage Manager: Casey McGann

Production Photography: Ed Krieger


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