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Speaking sounds/Singing words
February 09, 2013


poetry and music 

ensembles Melos (USA-L.A.), Mythos (Belgium), A(É)IA (France)

Reviving the genre of the melodrama, the speaking voice, with its different ways of meeting music is at the heart of this project. The concert is a gathering of works by Debussy, Cage and of renowned French composer Ivan Bellocq, including a premiere of Fragments of Sea.

The concert will be a meditation on how water shapes different landscapes: isolated drops gather progressively, in different ways, building different structures. In the premiered piece, the amplification of the flute and the piano will explore the structure of the sound of this instrument. Two speakers’ voices will utter Trassard’s poems about water. These voices will mix with the instruments and the electronics, to suggest the fluidity and the building power of water.

2 flutists Ivan Bellocq and Myriam Graulus, 2 pianists Mark Robson and Jeremie Favreau, and 2 speakers Robin Buck and Anja Thomas.

Show begins at 8pm. Tickets $25/$20 for Seniors.

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