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New Sound of Silent Film
Tom Peters' Live Scoring
Joan of Arc
April 27, 2013

The Passion of Joan of Arc is a truly remarkable film. This tale of the trail and execution of the famed Maid of Orléans is taken directly from the transcripts of her trial. Released in 1927, The Passion of Joan of Arc was immediately hailed as a masterpiece then was hacked to pieces by French censors and the Catholic Church. After a catastrophic fire destroyed the original negative, the film was thought lost to history. Carl Theodore Dreyer spent much of the rest of his career trying to find a copy of The Passion of Joan of Arc. In 1981, a complete print of Dreyer’s uncensored version was discovered in the closet of an Oslo mental institution.  The film has been magnificently restored.

The Passion of Joan of Arc is one of the most shattering films to come out of the silent era. Pauline Kael wrote that Maria Falconetti’s portrayal of Joan “may be the finest performance ever recorded on film." It is hard to disagree.

Show begins at 8pm. Tickets $15/$10 for Seniors.

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