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Se Llama Cristina
by Octavio Solis
directed by Robert Castro
January 25 - February 23, 2014

A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

A man and woman wake up in a strange apartment surrounded by drug paraphernalia and an empty crib. They must piece together who they are, and were, and where that baby might be, all while trying to create a new future for themselves. A gritty, poetic look at the uncertainty of life and our desperate need for belonging, Se Llama Cristina asks if it's possible to rise above your circumstances to make a better life.

Tickets: $34/$29 for Seniors

Economic Stimulus for Theater Lovers: All tickets on Wednesday, February 19th are only $5 - there are no advance sales. All tickets distributed first come, first served at the door (cash only).

Se Llama Cristina features: Amielynn Abellera, Paula Christenen, Justin Huen and Christian Rummel

Understudies: Kyla Garcia, Joseph Valdez, Janelle Velasquez and Brad C. Wilcox

Production staff: Gronk, Scenic Designer; John Zalewski & Veronika Vorel, Sound Designers; Victoria Petrovich, Costsume Designer; Ben Zamora, Lighting Designer; Jenny Smith, Properties Designer; Dave Mancini, Assistant Director; Aaron Henne, Dramaturg; Julia Flores, Casting Director; Lawrence Mota, Assistant to the Scenic Designer; Alyssa Escalante, Production Stage Manager; Brian Danner, Fight Choreogapher; Ed Krieger, Production Photographer.

On Writing Se Llama Cristina, by Octavio Solis

A video preview of Se Llama Cristina.

"Se Llama Cristina belongs to a school of theater that discomfits as much as it gentles. At once gritty and highly lyrical, Boston Court’s handling keeps the audience almost permanently off-balance. Christensen’s performance merges vulnerable physicality with fury, but we never quite know whether to take her at her word. Huen’s good-guy act always threatens to slip on his love of the bottle, and Rummel’s buffoonery alternates with a quicksilver brutality." -LA Weekly

"Pragmatically organized by the Boston Court as the third of three sequential individual premiere productions by Magic Theatre in San Francisco and Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas, the previous presentations of Se Llama Cristina were naturalistically realized, and director Robert Castro has instead taken this one in a radically different direction: abstract, austere, distilled and concentrated. Its deliberately focused intensity highlights some of the play’s originality in spasms of unalloyed mental agony while scanting motivations and causing jarring shifts, all intended but only some of which are successfully effective." -Hollywood Reporter

"Se Llama Cristina can be a little disorienting and ungrounded, ultimately it's the actor's performances that provide something to hold onto in a story that for all it's poetry is really quite simple. At its heart, it's a couple faced with the terror of how to escape their pasts to become the parents they need to be." -KCRW

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