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Phillip Glass: A Madrigal Opera
LA Philharmonic Minimalist Jukebox Festival
May 04, 2014

A rare opportunity to experience an early Phillip Glass opera that is senza parole (without words), and does not include any dramatic story line. Creative license is given by the composer to invent a fresh, new conception of the plot with each new production.  Presented as part of this years Los Angeles Philharmonic Minimalist Jukebox Festival, Boston Court is proud to offer our exciting first look and “premiere” of  this seminal masterpiece. Conducted by Brent McMunn and directed by Jessica Kubzansky.

Tickets are $25/$20 for Seniors

The LA Phil’s citywide, multidisciplinary Minimalist Jukebox Festival celebrates America’s greatest contribution to classical music and the single most important musical movement of the 20th century and beyond.


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