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People Inside Electronics
June 05, 2010

You'll hear music made from strange loops, echoes and recombinations, including Pierre Jodlowski's multilayered Série Blanche for piano and electronics; Ingram Marshall's meditative Soe-pa for classical guitar and digital delay; and Alexandre François and Elaine Chew's Mimi (Multimodal Interaction for Musical Improvisation), an innovative and interactive system for human-machine improvisation that intelligently recombines an improviser's creations as impetus for new improvisations.  You'll also hear music that evokes and harnesses the raw power of nature, including Ben Hackbarth's ethereal open end for vibraphone and electronics; Veronika Krausas' tempestuous Waterland for narrator and electronics, with video by Quintan Ana Wikswo and text by Andre Alexis; and Morton Subotnick's monumental The Key to Songs for chamber ensemble and electronics.

Performances by: Karen Cooksey, Alma Lisa Fernandez, Yuri Inoo, Timothy Loo, Andrea Moore, John Payne, Vicki Ray, John Schneider, and more.


Pierre Jodlowski: Série Blanche for piano and electronics
Aron Kallay, piano

Veronika Krausas: Waterland for narrator, video and electronics
John Payne, narrator; Quintan Ana Wikswo, video; Andre Alexis, text; Aron Kallay, sound design

Ben Hackbarth: open end for vibraphone and electronics
Andrea Moore, vibraphone

Improvisation with Mimi (Multimodal Interaction for Musical Improvisation) (website)
Mimi, Yamaha Disklavier; Isaac Schankler, Yamaha Disklavier
Mimi designers: Alexandre François, software/conceptual design; Elaine Chew, artistic/conceptual design


Ingram Marshall: Soe-pa for classical guitar and digital delay
John Schneider, guitar and effects

Morton Subotnick: The Key to Songs for chamber ensemble and electronics
Alma Lisa Fernandez, viola; Tim Loo, cello; Yuri Inoo, percussion; Andrea Moore, percussion; Vicki Ray, piano; Aron Kallay, piano; Karen Cooksey, conductor; David Werfelmann, electronics


Click on the black and white image to the left to see a video of PIE's innaugural concert from 2009.

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