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The Missing Pages of Lewis Carroll
by Lily Blau; developed in collaboration with Sydney Gallas
directed by Abigail Deser
January 22 - March 01, 2015

Previews: January 22nd through 30th. Opening: January 31st.

The beloved British writer Lewis Carroll kept a detailed journal of his life, including his close relationship with young Alice Liddell, the 11-year-old muse who inspired Alice in Wonderland. Upon Carroll's death it was discovered that several pages of his otherwise immaculate journal had been torn out. Now after more than a century of swirling rumors, this play takes us down the rabbit hole to explore these missing pages and what might have occurred between the legendary storyteller and the young girl who inspired one of the most famous stories ever written.

"Leo Marks portrays a most endearing, humbly playful Dodgson. The chemistry between Marks and Corryn Cummins as doe eyed, sassy, knock-kneed Alice is lustrous and palpable." -Stage Raw

"The production’s glowing light feels like a warm hug at dusk– just before sitting down to read aloud a story– and the reveal into Wonderland is a magical, textured space for play." -Stage Raw

"This project could have gone so wrong in so many ways.  But Lily Blau and company have created an intriguing, visually fascinating, and perfectly portrayed vision of what might have been..."

"The remembered Alice (fetchingly played by an adult, Corryn Cummins) is a Victorian Lolita, who has a crush on Dodgson and coyly sets out to seduce him. Her mother (the imposing Erica Hanrahan-Ball) keeps stumbling in at inopportune moments and morphing into the shrill Red Queen." -LA Times

"Intriguing, well-acted and beautifully staged..."

Leo Marks IS Charles Dodgson, stuttering, hesitating, awkward, inappropriately sexual-all! Marks’ Dodgson charms and flatters the Liddell females while having enough education and smarts to win over Professor Liddell. Time Winters‘ perfectly scholarly and patriarchic as Dean Liddell. Erica Hanrahan-Ballgives Mrs. Liddell the proper upper crust attitude and posturing of a woman wed to a man in position. (And her many gowns stun! Many thumbs up to costume designer Garry Lennon!)” -BroadwayWorld

Click here to read all of the reviews in their entirety.

Featuring: Leo Marks, Corryn Cummins, Erin Barnes, Ashley Ruth Jones, Erica Hanrahan-Ball, Time Winters, Jeff Marlow.

Production Staff: Stephen Gifford, Scenic Design; Jaymi Smith, Lighting Design; Garry Lennon, Costume Design; Keith Skretch, Video Design; John Ballinger, Sound Design; Jenny Smith, Prop Design; Raul Staggs, Casting Director; Nike Doukas, Dialect Coach; Stephen Ratliff, Hair Consultant; Amy Cale Peterson, Assistant Director; Matthew Quinlan, Dramaturg; Alyssa Escalante, Stage Manager; Ed Krieger, Production Photography.


Illuminations On Performance: Sunday February 22 with the cast of The Missing Pages of Lewis Carroll.

Illuminations On Direction: Thursday, February 19 with Abigail Deser, director of The Missing Pages of Lewis Carroll.

Late Nite Salon: Fridays, February 6, 13, 20, 27. Stay after the performance and enjoy complimentary wine in the lobby.

Five Dollar Night: Wednesday, February 25. All tickets are $5. No presale. Cash only at the door. First come, first served. Limited availability.

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