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Ordinary Hearts / Extraordinary Songs
Songs from the Opera America Songbook
May 09, 2015

Showtime: 8pm

Ordinary Hearts / Extraordinary Songs

Songs from the Opera America Songbook

USC's Thornton School of Music graduate vocal arts majors bring to life fifteen songs from the "Opera America Songbook".  Each composition is a West Coast premiere that throughout the evening, takes us deep into the world of opera behind the scenes, with a special emphasis on what happens BEFORE the drama hits the stage.

Directed by doctoral candidate, Ryan Reithmeier, these very eclectic and unusual songs are woven into a riotous story about young artists coming together to begin a summer music festival, and the ensuing intrigues, attractions, jealousy, and thwarted expectations on a truly operatic scale!   Another one of a kind evening at Boston Court.

Tickets: $10/$5 for seniors and students

Featuring the Special Studies in Vocal Literature singers:

Alexandra Martinez | Danielle Callahan | Napat Mingkwanyuen | Nick Martorano | Stephanie Jones | Yelena Dyachek 

Accompanied by Jasper Jimenez 

Directed by Ryan Reithmeier

Musical Direction by Dr. Lisa Sylvester


This story takes place in a prestigious American summer arts and music festival.  Rehearsals are going up for two festival programs.  One is for an established and long-standing Festival artist, Danielle.  Her career has spanned the major circuit of national and international opera houses.  The Festival is a summer home for her---close to home and near to family.  She will premiere new works by one of her friends, an established composer, which has been composed as a dance /voice collaboration that she will share with Roxi.  The other is a debut performance by a new and up-and-coming ingénue, Vivienne.  She will perform the Vier letzte Lieder (Four Last Songs) of Richard Strauss with the orchestra.  For her this is a debut and will serve as training grounds before her premiere of the same work with a major European orchestra in the fall.  Clark is an assistant to the orchestra conductor and is preparing the singers for the main concert, for which he will direct family matinee performances.  Rupert is a well-established coach/accompanist who now prepares singers and does prompting work in New York City and for prominent international opera houses.  He is well-established in the musical world, but works very much behind the scenes.  Roxi, Nathan, and Charlotte are fellows in The Festival YAP.  Nathan and Charlotte are both college students who have been moved up into the staff at The Festival and have been given fellowships assigned to these shows.  Roxi is a fellow in The Festival Dance Company who won the opportunity to dance this role.  She is local and knows the conductor and composer well. 

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