wild Up
From Mingus to Ferneyhough
May 22, 2015

Two performances: 8pm & 10pm

A Modern Music Collective.

Christopher Rountree and his brilliant group return after a sold-out event last year for another thought-provoking concert featuring Brian Walsh.

Tickets: $25/$20 for seniors

There is a pre-show discussion scheduled to begin at 7:15pm.

Brian Walsh-Clarinet

Richard Valitutto- Piano

Derek Stein- Cello

Matt Barbier- Trombone and percussion

Jodie Landau- Percussion

Alex Noice- Guit

Colin Burgess-Bass

Trevor Anderies- Drums

Josh Aguiar- Trumpet

Visit the wild Up website here.

wild Up is an experimental classical ensemble. A flexible band of Los Angeles musicians committed to creating visceral, thought-provoking happenings. The group, led by artistic director and conductor Christopher Rountree, unites around the belief that no music is off limits, and that a concert space should be as moving as the music heard in it: small, powerful and unlike anything else. Our projects are meant to bring people together, defy convention and address the need for heart-wrenching, mind-bending experiences.

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