The Brad Dutz Quartet
Fashionably Impaired
July 24, 2015

Showtime: 8pm

Blending 20th Century acoustic, classical chamber music with elements of improvisation and jazz, this unusual quartet creates a unique palate of sound rarely heard.

Tickets: $25/$20 for seniors

The Brad Dutz Quartet blends 20th century acoustic classical chamber music with elements of improvisation and jazz. Comprised of Jim Sullivan on clarinet, bass clarinet and contra bass clarinet, Dr. Paul Sherman on oboe and Englishhom, cellist Chris Votek, and Brad on marimba,vibes and hand percussion.. The combination ofmarimba and cello mixed with bass clarinet and oboe treat the listener to an unusual palate of instruments rarely heard in new music.

The group first came together in 2005 for a New Music Festival at the Red Cat Theater. BRAD describes the group; "I wanted a chamber group that was acoustic and jazz-influenced as well as classically based with unusual colors". The compositions and instruments create that. They have played concerts and held master classes at Cal institute of the Arts, Saddleback College, Chapman College, Cal state LA, Cal state LONG BEACH, McGroarty arts center and quite a few venues around southern california including the Open Gate Theater series at the Eagle Rock Community Center. With this instrumentation, the music sounds very unique. The compositions have many different tonal centers and ostinatos, mixed with 20th century classical chamber group forms. Some of the pieces have sections for them to improvise over, bridging the jazz and classical genre. The Quartet recently released their follow-up to their debut "When Manatees Attack" [2007] recording, intriguing and consistently colorful set called "Whimsical Excursion Boats"[2009]. It is not an overstatement to say that no other group sounds like this one.

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