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July 08, 2016

Morton Feldman’s dream of mystical contemplation and ecstatic rapture, “For Bunita Marcos” with video illuminations by Clay Chapin.

The magnum opus is the second of Morton Feldman’s three last works for piano. It is characterized by its rarefying texture and a limited use of patterns that continues for an uninterrupted hour and fifteen minutes.  Feldman’s music flees from any kind of analysis, and is impossible to detect a genetic code that could disclose its deepest structure.

Just as a painting by Rothko or Newman, this is ‘surface’ music that discloses itself totally in the listening experience.  It doesn’t refer to anything but a sublime longing for perfection. The peaceful inertia of free-of-shock time make For Bunita Marcus a monument of mystical contemplation and ecstatic rapture.


Tickets (Regular/Senior/Student): $30/$25/$20

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