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Points of Contact
July 15, 2016

An ear-bending evening including Stockhausen’s magnum opus Kontakte from one of L.A.’s most adventurous contemporary music organizations.

Points of Contact is a concert about finding connections between disparate musical genres and textures: connections both abstract and concrete, substantial and tenuous, broken and fixed. The centerpiece of the program is Karlheinz Stockhausen's celebrated Kontakte for piano, percussion, and electronics. The concert also features music by Steve Reich (Electric Counterpoint), Julia Wolfe (Stronghold), and Colin Horrocks (The Light Gleams an Instant), with performances by Brian Head, Todd Moellenberg, Ryan Nestor, and Scott Worthington.

Showtime: 8:00PM / Pre-show discussion begins at 7:15

Tickets (Regular/Senior/Student): $30/$25/$20

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