DuoFest Night 3: Student Composer Readings (FREE Workshop)
Workshop & Open Master Class hosted by Synchromy
July 10, 2017

DuoFestLA's Most Fearless Fusions
July 8 - 15, 2017

Introducing DuoFest! For the first time, Boston Court reimagines its summer music series as a weeklong festival, featuring collaborations from some of LA's most exciting contemporary performers.  Each evening will feature two or more artists, performing separately and together, showcasing new or rarely performed work.  DuoFest celebrates collaboration in unexpected and adventurous ways, like only Boston Court can.

Night 3: Student Composer Readings (Free Workshop)Monday, July 10 @ 7pm

For the serious lover of new music, this is a rare opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process. Synchromy, in collaboration with Boston Court, has selected undergraduate composition students who will be given the opportunity to hear and workshop their new works with professional musicians, as well as get feedback on their pieces from the musicians, professional coaches, and the audience!

Student Composer Readings are presented by Boston Court and Synchromy. Synchromy is a composer-directed presenter of engaging new music events shaped and influenced by our home city of Los Angeles. We connect our audiences with living performing artists, creating a greater appreciation and understanding of the many kinds of communities in which we all live. We strive to expand awareness and civic discourse in our community through the common experience of new music performance.

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