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Con Gioia Early Music Ensemble
Music Style: Classical
March 17, 2018 @ 7pm

Boston Court's Winter Music Series is made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.

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Southern California’s premier baroque ensemble celebrates the 350th anniversary of the birth of one of France’s most venerable composers, Francois Couperin, with a sumptuous survey of his popular and lesser-known repertoire.



  • Preethi de Silva (harpsichord/piano)
  • Lot Demeyer (oboe)
  • Katherine Kyme (violin)
  • William Skeen (cello)
  • Janet Worsley-Strauss (violin)


  • Le Parnasse ou L’apothéose de Corelli by François Couperin
    • Grande Sonade en Trio for two violins, viola da gamba, and basso continuo
      • Corelli au piéd du Parnasse prie les Muses de le Recevoir parmi ells. Gravement
      • Corelli charmé de la bonne réception qu’on lui fait au Parnasse, en marque sa joye. Il continüe avec ceux que L’accompagnent. Gaÿment
      • Corelli buvant à la Source d’Hypocrêne/ sa Troupe continue. [Notes égales; et coulees, et moderément.]
      • Entouziasme de Corelli causé par les eaux d’Hypocrêne. Vivement
      • Corelli aprés son Entouziasme s’endort; et sa Troupe jouë le Sommeil suivãt. [Notes égales et coulees.] Tres doux
      • Les Muses réveillent Corelli, et le placent auprês d’Apollon. Vivement
      • Remerciment de Corelli. Gaÿment
  • Selections for harpsichord from Pièces de clavecin (Livre 1-4) by F. Couperin
    • Quatorzième Ordre
      • Le Rossignol-en-amour
    • Premier Ordre
      • L’Auguste: Allemande
      • Premiere Courante
      • La Majestueuse: Sarabande
      • Gavotte
      • La Milordine: Gigue
    • Huitième Ordre
      • Passacaille (Rondeau)
  • Selections for harpsichord from Pièces de clavecin
    • Tombeau de Mr. de Blancrocher by Louis Couperin
    • L’Affligée by Armand-Louis Couperin
    • L’Arlequine ou L’Adam by A.L. Couperin
  • Les Nations-Troisième Ordre: L’Impériale by F. Couperin
    for two violins, oboe, viola da gamba, and basso continuo
    • Gravement–Vivement–Gravement et marqué–
    • Légérement–Rondement–Vivement
      • Allemande: Sans lenteur
      • Courante–Seconde Courante
      • Sarabande: Tendrement
      • Bourée: Gayement
      • Gigue: D’une légéreté moderée
      • Rondeau: Gayement
      • Chaconne
      • Menuet

Oboe by Marcel Ponseele, Belgium, 2014, after Thomas Stanesby Jr., London, ca. 1730.
Violin by Johann Gottlob Pfretzschner, 1791, Mittenwald, Germany.
Violin by Joannes Matthias Koldiz, Munich, Germany, 1733.
Viola da gamba, 2001 by John Pringle, North Carolina; after William Addison, London, ca. 1670.
Harpsichord by John Phillips, Berkeley, 2001; after instruments by Johann Heinrich Gräbner, the Younger, Dresden, ca. 1740; chinoiserie by Janine Johnson, after Gerard Dagly, from the harpsichord (ca. 1703) made by Michael Mietke for Queen Sophie Charlotte of Prussia, still housed in the Palace of Charlottenburg, Berlin.

About the Artists

Con Gioia Early Music Ensemble

Con Gioia, based in Claremont, California, presents some of the best performers of early music in the United States and Europe. Following its début in 1982, Con Gioia has featured such internationally renowned musicians as violinists Eduard Melkus, Monica Huggett, Chiara Banchini, and Elizabeth Blumenstock; flutists John Solum, Mathias Maute, and Stephen Schultz; viola da gambist Wieland Kuijken; ’cellist Rohan de Saram; oboist Gonzalo X. Ruiz; male soprano Michael Maniaci; and sopranos Julianne Baird and Juliana Gondek. Tonight's artists include Katherine Kyme, Janet Worsley Strauss, Lot Demeyer and WIlliam Skeen. Con Gioia has performed concerts at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Caltech, Getty Villa, San Diego Museum of Art, Zipper Concert Hall, Scripps College, and the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, among other local venues. Con Gioia has presented performances of all of Bach’s concertos for harpsichords; a CD of these concertos, released on Centaur Records, garnered high critical acclaim. In 2011 First Hand Records (U.K.) released Harmonic Labyrinth: The Con Gioia Recordings, featuring Rohan de Saram and Preethi de Silva. The ensemble has offered programs honoring significant anniversaries of composers Mozart, Handel, and Haydn and performed a concert honoring C.P.E. Bach in the renowned “Concerts from the Library of Congress” in Washington DC. Most recently, the ensemble presented programs commemorating the 300th birthday of C.P.E. Bach and the 250th anniversary of the death of George Philipp Telemann.

Couperin, engraving by Jean Jacques Flipart, 1735 after André Bouys.

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