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The Pain and the Itch
by Bruce Norris
Directed by Damaso Rodriguez
July 25 - August 23, 2009

A young daughter is in serious need of attention while her parents worry if the milk is organic.  A ravenous creature may be prowling the upstairs bedrooms.  And an average Thanksgiving for this family unravels into an expose of disastrous choices and less-than-altruistic motives.  The Pain and The Itch is a scathing comedy about the politics of class and race, a controversial examination of denial and its consequences.

A Co-Production with Furious Theatre Company.



Featuring Olivia Aaron, Katie Marie Davies, Ava Feldman, Scott Lowell, Vonessa Martin, Brad Price, Jennifer Rhodes, Kevin Vavasseur

Understudies Greg Bryan, Jason Frost, Alyssa Rae, Amro Salama, Tina Van Berckelaer, Bryna Wiess

Scenic Design Kurt Boetcher

Lighting Design Christie Wright

Sound and Video Design Doug Newell

Costume Design Leah Piehl

Prop Design Shannon Dedman

Dialect Coach Joel Goldes

Assistant Direcor Dan Steele

Production Stage Manager Rebecca Cohn

Casting Raul Clayton Staggs

Key Art Eric Pargac

Publicist Aldrich & Associates

Production Photographer Ed Krieger 

"Critic’s Pick!  This astutely designed and intelligently rendered production is a shared feather in the cap for two of L.A.'s most adventurous theater companies."   -Back Stage

Bruising and biting!...The drama…blends satire with realism in a finger-pointing manner that definitely isn’t out to win prizes for congeniality. Every time you think these cringe-inducing characters can’t descend any lower, they discover a new mucky bottom. All credit, then, to this co-production…for not slipping into monstrous caricature. Even when we’re laughing derisively, we can’t help recognizing patterns in hypocrisy, denial, narcissism and greed.”   - Los Angeles Times

 “Pick of the week!...The ensemble responds with exceptional commitment embracing the characters with real zest. No matter how you spell it, you should not miss this exceptional West Coast Premiere presentation at the elegant Boston Court Performing Arts Center.”   - ReviewPlays

“A powerful piece…When The Theatre @ Boston Court or Furious Theatre Co. have something to say, they do it in ways that can prove disquieting for some, as well as nontraditional, deeply theatrical and pointedly memorable…Like watching an explosion in slow motion, you can’t take your eyes off the thing, even as you find the splatter creating a pattern you don’t want to see.”   - Pasadena Star-News

“The cast is terrific…the acting is spot-on, the direction tight, the set impressive, the costumes pitch perfect, the lighting and sound evocative…the partnership is clearly a good one…these two companies can do great things together.”   - Talkin’ Broadway

"A vicious must-see comedy…that steadily, unsuspectingly turns black, twisted and unsettling. Truly Well Done."   - Splash Magazine

Witty intelligent dialogue…Damaso Rodriguez’ work is by and large excellent, not the least part of which is his casting... intriguing multi-layered plotting.”   - Edge


Garland Award Honorable Mentions




Scenic Design


Ensemble Performance


Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle Nominee



Ensemble Performance

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