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Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings
Music and book by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by David Norona and Eric Whitacre
Directed by Michael Michetti
July 19 - September 02, 2007

The story of one angel who follows her heart, desperately trying to return home against impossible odds.  Renowned composer Eric Whitacre explores the plight of young angels awaiting rescue in a world of violence.  Blending western music theater traditions with anime, Asian drumming and martial arts, the music combines lush, operatic singing with trance, techno, ambient rock and cinematic sounds.




Featuring Annie Abrams, Seth Barnett, Dan Callaway, Brad Culver, Jason Currie, Ryan Cusino, Jessica Harwood, Lena Gwendolyn Hill, Emily Kosloski, Eddie Lopez, Rudolfo Nieto, Kevin Odekirk, Jordan T. Ogron, Hila Plitmann, Juli Robbins, Daniel Tatar, Katharine Terray, Marie M. Wallace, Melissa Wolfklain

Musical Direction Greg Chun

Choreography Bubba Carr

Fight Choreography Caleb Terray

Scenic Design Tom Buderwitz

Costume Design Soojin Lee

Lighting Design Steven Young

Sound Design Martin Carrillo

Hair & Make-up Design Becca Coffman

Taiko Drumming On Ensemble

Properties Design Chuck Olsen

Wing Design Richard Landon

Casting Julia Flores

Anime Producer Kirk Hanson

Animation Sequences Designed, Produced and Animated by Lyn Gaza, Michael Manning

Graphic Image Christopher Shy

Associate Producer Mark Barna

Production Stage Manager Liza Tognazzini

Publicist Aldrich & Associates

Production Photographer Ed Krieger 

“The advent of the Theatre @ Boston Court's newest and most monumental triumph to date, Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings, cult-a-licious composer Eric Whitacre's epic fusion of musical theatre, opera, martial arts and even world-class anime, may easily herald the most remarkable use of a 99-seat stage in… well… ever….This eye-popping troupe…know no limits vocally, artistically or physically.” and Entertainment Today

Musically lush, committed and smart…Whitacre adds overhead accompaniment of cello, synthesizer and percussion that literally lifts one out of one’s seat…The swelling chorale singing thrillingly of “Bliss” creates a final frisson than many another ambitious musical would envy.  But the sheer act of breaking through visually, musically and emotionally becomes a blissful victory in and of itself.”   -Daily Variety

“Fascinating…the singing is gorgeous.”   -LA City Beat

“The elements combine to share a high tech, yet timeless mythology.  It’s a winning combination…[Callaway and Plitman] both display strong operatic voices well suited to the pop score.  The athletic supporting cast is note-perfect.  Michael Michetti directs the cast with a sensitive hand that allows the audience to believe in the whimsical proceedings.  Eric Whitacre’s accessible compositions never falter.”   -Hollywood News Calendar

“A thrillingly original creation that defies pat categorization.  That this visceral experience supports a stimulating cerebral narrative—Beckett meets Euripides—is all the more impressive.”   -Backstage West

“Stunning imagery supported by beautiful and inventive music…full of brilliant sound and fury.”

“Post-modern heaven!  It will be a very long time (if at all) that another production such as this one will ever make its appearance on any stage at any theater anywhere!”   -Accessibly Live Off-Line

“An undeniably impressive achievement.”   -LA Times

Arresting…As heavy on performance talent as it is chockablock with visual bells and whistles usually reserved for larger arenas…grand and frequently astonishing.”   -LA Daily News

“On rare occasions a reviewer gets to encounter the truly extraordinary…that vital ‘something’ which is the reason for live performance and the foundation of great theatrical art.  Such a thing…is Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings…impressive indeed, and certainly worth going out of your way to encounter.”   -Pasadena Star

“Extraordinary… epic scope of storytelling, mythological, religious and fantastical heritage, and multi-musical form…Paradise Lost takes wing and soars to breathtaking heights.”   -TheatreMania

“The most dazzling musical of the year…gorgeous, amazing and [reaches] a rare level of creativity.”   -Curtain Up

Winner of three Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards

Set Design

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Winner of one LA Weekly Award

Winner of seven Garland Awards

Nominated for seven Ovation Awards

Franklin R. Levy Memorial Award for Musical Intimate Theatre

World Premiere Musical

Direction of a Musical


Musical Direction

Lead Actress in a Musical

Costume Design

Nominated for one Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award

Lighting Design

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