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Courting Vampires
World Premiere by Laura Schellhardt
Directed by Jessica Kubzansky
May 09 - June 07, 2009

In this deeply moving allegory that straddles graveyard and courtroom, Nina, a vitally alive, headstrong young woman falls victim to a fatal blood disease, and her protective older sister, Rill, vows revenge on the vampire who infected her.  With righteousness and impassioned love Rill puts him on trial for his life.  But does anything-- even justice-- avenge death?




Featuring Bo Foxworth, Maya Lawson, Carey Peters

Understudies Jessica Culaciati, Lisa Louttit, Jacob Sidney

Scenic Design Kurt Boetcher

Costume Design E.B. Brooks

Lighting Design Tim Swiss

Original Music & Sound Design Bruno Louchouarn

Prop Design Nick Santiago

Assistant Director Lisa Szolovits

Casting Raul Clayton Staggs

Key Art Christopher Komuro

Production Stage Manager  Hope Villanueva

Publicist Aldrich & Associates

Production Photographer Ed Krieger 

“Peters gives a strong and subtle performance…Foxworth impresses in multiple roles…Schellhardt’s writing has wit and poetry.”    -Variety

 “By turns funny and gravely serious…Schellhardt is clearly accomplished, penning lines chock full of witty lingual gymnastics and unique turns of phrase.  Kubzansky sets the bar high as usual, ensuring that her actors navigate the complex rhythms of the text and carve out their characters in sharp relief.  The cast members too are talented and faithfully trace the twists and turns of their characters.    -LA Weekly

 “Peters was fascinating to watch…Foxworth was nothing short of amazing.”    -Examiner

 “I loved Bo Foxworth, whose versatility in playing at least ten characters, all with a masterful ease, truly convinced me that each manifestation was a different actor…subtle, yet convincing."   -Beyond the

 “Boldly conceptual and ambitious.  Director Jessica Kubzansky has staged the play with intelligence, keeping the action moving and the characters in a constant state of agitation. The innovative sets by Kurt Boetcher mix dreamscapes with concrete settings, and the results are starkly beautiful. Actor Bo Foxworth is particularly memorable for playing all of the male roles in a remarkable display of versatility.”    -LA Times

 “Inventive and clever…polished performances, compelling staging, and first rate design work.”   -Edge

 “A blend of the ethereal and concrete leads the audience on a journey at once temporal and internal.  Where one ends and the other begins is the study.  And what is produced becomes an impressively logical madness…absolutely stunning, deeply moving.”   -Pasadena Star

 “Slick and visually exciting…Peters’ tough and willful Rill is a finely detailed creation…formidable and funny.  And Foxworth is endlessly engaging, enlivening the action whenever he appears.”   -Backstage

 “Superb cast.  Director Jessica Kubzansky…has a true genius.  An amazing visual experience.”

Nominated for one Ovation Award:

Sound Design
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