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Echo's Hammer
Written, Directed and Choreographed by Ken Roht
April 21 - June 04, 2005

In a surreal act of creation, lovers Pon and Deedo struggle to build a magical and significant sculpture while grappling with thorny matters of love.  Brilliantly imaginative auteur Ken Roht's multi-disciplinary piece uses a fusion of text, music, and dance to craft a whimsical work of haunting beauty.





Featuring Bill Celentano, Jack Kandel, Kristen-Lee Kelly, Laura Martin, Ken Roht, Geraldine Singer, Don Oscar Smith

Understudies Patty Cornell, Jamie Hebert, Angela Kang, Raul Clayton Staggs, Brian Sutherin

Scenic Design Jason Adams & Alicia Hoge

Lighting Design Brian J. Lilienthal

Costume Design Ann Closs-Farley

Composers John Ballinger & Ken Roht

Sound Design John Ballinger

Videographer James Wade Byrkit

Assistant Director  Christine Zirbel

Dramaturg Michael Silverblatt

Production Stage Manager Maria DeLuca

Casting Raul Clayton Staggs

Publicist Aldrich & Associates

Production Photography Ed Krieger

“One takes away layers to ponder, and can often be struck hours or even days later with powerful images of great staying power, suddenly understandable long after their context has dimmed.”   -Pasadena Star and San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“[Roht] is a master of dazzling theatricality, and the biggest strength of his new work, Echo’s Hammer, is its breathtaking visual imagery.”   -Frontiers

“Combining all the elements of performance plus art, the fast-paced production is alternately bewildering and clear as a bell, but always fascinating to watch.”   -Pasadena Weekly

“Fascinating…brilliantly conceived.”   -Core Media Group

“Amazing.”   -CurtainUp

“[An] epic-sized departure into an artistic dream state… Roht's award-winning and spectacularly imaginative staged fantasies-made even more startling by his brilliantly rambling poetry sometimes devolving into beguiling nonsense-have heralded a true visionary of the American stage…[and] a resplendently talented cast.”   -Backstage West

“Ken Roht's daft, dark paean to the impasse between love, creation and survival in our post-millennial madness rides its fabulist course with dazzling staying power…the fearless cast is extraordinary.”   -LA Times

Visually stunning…Singer and Smith are superb.”   -LA Weekly

“This production is full of whimsy, fantasy, poetic prose, and even has a bit of that old standard, the Broadway Musical-complete with music, dancing and plenty of experimentation!...For ninety minutes, one is treated to a world full of whimsy and wonder.”   -Accessibly Live Offline

“Some call it imagination—others call it talent.  Then there are those who say it is genius.  You decide.”   -Review Plays

Winner of one Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award

Lighting Design

Winner of three LA Weekly Awards

Nominated for three Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards

Set Design

Sound Design

Costume Design

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