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Annual New Play Festival
December 11 - 12, 2010

The Theatre @ Boston Court’s play festival presents plays that are in keeping with Boston Court’s mission, which urges artists to fearlessly and passionately pursue their unique voice and vision. Play selection encompasses a wide variety of genres, with a special emphasis on nurturing playwrights and new play development, which are inherently theatrical, textually rich, and visually arresting.

This year’s lineup includes Creation by Kathryn Walat, Alleluia, The Road by Luis Alfaro, Underground by Brian James Polak and Sense of an Ending by Ken Urban.

The free readings are open to the public and reservations can be made by calling (626) 683-6883 ext 206.

Click here to read the series of micro-interviews on our blog.

Click on the playwright’s names below to read interviews with them on the blog of Adam Symkowicz.

Creation by Kathryn Walat,  directed by Michael Michetti December 11 at 11am - When a renowned evolutionary biologist suffers a near-death experience, he discovers an obsession with music, which brings together four people who wrestle with the mysteries of the human mind, the human heart, the alchemy of the creative process, and that single spark that has the ability to change it all.

Alleluia, The Road By Luis Alfaro, directed by Jessica Kubzansky December 11 at 3pm - Inspired by August Strindberg’s The Road To Damascus and a true story of a disappeared UCLA student, Alfaro explores the Seven Vices, the Seven Last Cries of Christ on the Cross, and the Seven Stops on Highway 99: Isaac, a former child preacher, has disappeared, leaving no trace behind. In spite of being told that Isaac is gone forever,  his mother Mary refuses to stop searching. As their journeys intersect, the nature of faith is called into question and a family’s truth is revealed.

Underground by Brian James Polak, directed by John Lawler December 12 at 11:00am - A young subway musician grapples with his own feelings of disconnection from family, would-be-lovers and briefly-glimpsed acquaintances by exploring the philosophies of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.  On his final day as a guitarist, the commuters patiently wait for him to kill the noise of the subway with a tune on the guitar.  What does it take for a world defined by isolation to come together?

Sense of an Ending by Ken Urban, directed by Shirley Jo Finney December 12 at 2pm - Five years after the Rwandan genocide, an African-American journalist travels to Kigali to interview two Catholic nuns set to stand trial for crimes against humanity; the first trial of its kind.  The focus of his investigation shifts when he meets a survivor and and has to redefine his understanding of  the nature of man’s inhumanity, while an entire people struggles to redefine itself.

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