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How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
by Fin Kennedy
directed by Nancy Keystone
April 21 - May 29, 2011


When a young executive’s life spirals out of control, overwhelmed with guilt, deceit and fear, he decides to “disappear,” and pays a visit to a master of the craft in the form of a seafront fortune teller.  Haunted by visitations from a pathologist who swears he is already lying flat out on her slab, he begins a nightmarish journey to the edge of existence that sees him stripped of everything that made him who he was.

Click here to listen to The Madeline Brand Show interview with Fin Kennedy on KPCC. 

"This brilliantly written and deftly directed play currently running at Pasadena’s Boston Court Performing Arts Center raises so many important questions about the nature of life in our hyper-technological, modern world that it’s impossible to avoid personally experiencing the overwhelmingness Charlie faces throughout." -The Huffington Post

"How To Disappear Completely [and Never Be Found] provides just the kind of beautifully tooled adventurous theater we have come to expect from The Theatre @ Boston Court. This time around, in addition, we have in our midst the most exciting breakthrough performance this reviewer has seen since Mark Ruffalo made a memorable Los Angeles debut in David Steen’s Avenue A almost twenty years ago, and it has been achieved in exactly the same way: not by force of personality alone but by becoming the character. It’s called acting. Meet Brad Culver." -Stage and Cinema

"In the play’s Southern California premiere, director Nancy Keystone’s stylish cinematic staging offers much visceral excitement, and a chameleonlike ensemble pulls off a wide range of impressive characterizations." -Backstage

"Nancy Keystone’s uncompromising staging, making imaginative use of a monochromatic set she designed of unwelcoming gray walls menacingly flecked with Adam Flemming’s futuristic video projections, catches the sense of urban anomie to a point that would have had Kafka waving a little white flag. It’s an unrelievedly grim landscape, where technology keeps one isolated and corporate savagery is always ready to pounce on the weak and wounded. (John Zalewski’s original music and sound design enhance the production’s overall chilling effect.)" -LA Times

"To say that "How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found" is a mystery is inaccurate and accurate at the same time. What happens to Charlie is, indeed, a mystery to the character himself. Untangling the truth may end up being the stuff of conversation between you and those you brought with you long after the play is done. Suffice it to say that this stuff is compelling theater and well worth stretching your imagination to absorb." -Pasadena Star News

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Featuring: Brad Culver, Carolyn Ratteray, Time Winters, Valerie Spencer, Nick Mills

Understudies: Danny Barclay, Paige Lindsey White, Steve Peterson, Cari Kabinoff, Mark McClain Wilson

Casting Julia Flores

Stage Manager Casey McGann

Scenic Design Nancy Keystone

Lighting Design Chris Kuhl

Original Music & Sound Design John Zalewski

Video Design Adam Flemming

Costume Design Ann Closs-Farley

Dialect Coach Tracy Winters

Prop Master Robyn Taylor

Key Art Design Christopher Komuro

Production Photographer Ed Krieger

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