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The New Sound of Silent Film
Classic Silent Film "Borderline"
with Live Score by Bassist Tom Peters
May 13, 2011

Bassist Tom Peters provides the live musical score for the classic 1930 British silent film “Borderline.”  Borderline is a 1930 British experimental silent film by Kenneth MacPherson and the Pool Group, starring Paul Robeson. In the film two couples – white and black – intersect with racial values, each other, and the small town in which they find themselves. The Pool Group consisted of Winfred Ellerman, her bisexual husband Kenneth McPherson and her lover the poet Hilda Doolittle.  “Borderline” was the last film that the Pool Group would complete before disbanding and has become a classic of early experimental cinema.

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From Wikipedia:

For many years, Borderline was largely inaccessible to film scholars, with rare copies in a few archives around the world and seldom screened in public. Many film historians of avant garde and experimental film-making, feel that it represents one of the last examples of modernism of the 1920s, when many artists had hoped that artistic experimentation and commercial viability need not be mutually exclusive. For feminist literary modernists, it is not only the film that H. D. starred in, but it also serves as a study imbued by her unique aesthetic vision. Highly influenced by the psychological realism of GW Pabst and Sergei Eisenstein's complex montage format, Macpherson embellished this story by portraying the extreme psychological states of the characters.

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