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A Night in Rio
Featuring Alec Milstein
June 03, 2011

When you think of Brazil and its music, one of the first things that comes to mind is dancing.  From the Samba to the Capoeira, to Lambada and Forro, Brazilian music is filled with beguiling exotic rhythms, swaying sensuality, exciting orchestrations, and an unstoppable feeling of life exploding! The English translation of Forro is “great party”, and that is precisely what Alec Milstein has in mind when he brings his scintillating band to the Branson for “A Night in Rio”.  

The atmosphere is so energetic and the beats so catchy, that you'll be hard pressed to stop yourself from dancing (which is encouraged). With his family roots based in South America, combined with the influence of his beautiful Brazilian wife Itana, Alec’s knowledge and music making could not be more authentic.  

Experience Music at The Court in a completely new way with one of the hottest bands on the West Coast, and don’t miss the chance to dance while sampling our specialty mixed libations from South of the Border.  Venha de divirta!!!

Click here and here to see live videos of Alec's band.

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