Stupid Fucking Bird Photo
The Missing Pages of Lewis Carroll Photo
written by Tennessee Williams
directed by Michael Michetti
February 15 - March 25, 2018

This daring new production strips away decades of Southern gothic gauze to reveal striking themes of class, race, and gender...

written by Mfoniso Udofia
directed by Gregg T. Daniel
May 24 - June 30, 2018

“A moving and powerful corrective to the notion that what immigrants leave behind is always awful, and that what they find is worth the trip.” —The New York Times...

written by Sarah B. Mantell
directed by Jessica Kubzansky
September 27 - November 04, 2018

The Merchant of Venice missed the point. But whether or not you know Shakespeare or Shylock, this provocative new work plays between the gaps in the classic tale to expose the realities of Jewish history. Sarah Mantell’s time-bending story...

[ 2017 SEASON ]
written by Julia Lederer
directed by Jessica Kubzansky
September 28 - November 05, 2017

“Lederer’s dialogue is laced with sophisticated poetry and wry insight into the isolation faced by a generation.” — Los Angeles Times...

[ 2017 SEASON ]
by Dan O'Brien
directed by Michael Michetti
April 27 - June 04, 2017

The House in Scarsdale is the playwright's autobiographical story of desperately trying to uncover the truth about his f*cked-up family.

[ 2017 SEASON ]
by Jen Silverman
directed by Lindsay Allbaugh
February 09 - March 19, 2017

In Collective Rage, five different Bettys collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and “thea-tah.” This brash uncompromising comedy delivers a knockout blow to a thousand boring tropes about female identity.

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