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Her Portmanteau Open Callby Mfoniso Udofia | directed by Gregg T. Daniel

Date: Monday, January 8, 2018
Time: 2p-8p
Casting Director: Michael Donovan

No appointments—auditioners will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. You will arrive and sign in for a time slot. No phone calls please.

If you have a question, please email us at: Please note we will NOT accept online submissions, nor will we take rain checks or make appointments at this email address.


Please bring a headshot and resume and prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue

Character descriptions and casting note listed below.


Boston Court Performing Arts Center
70 N. Mentor Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Parking lot is located behind the building but please enter through the front of the building into the lobby. There is also nearby street parking available.


AEA Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Agreement


Actors will be paid as hourly employees based on the current Los Angeles County minimum wage. At the time of this production, the minimum wage for our organization will be $10.50 per hour.


  • Rehearsals Begin: 4/18/18
  • Tech: 5/18—5/20/18
  • Dress Rehearsals: 5/22 & 5/23/18
  • Previews Begin: 5/24/18
  • Opening: 6/2/18
  • Runs through 7/1/18 with possible extension of up to two-weeks through 7/15/18
  • Performance Schedule: Thurs-Sat evenings, Sunday matinees (one added Mon. evening performance TBD)


A family rifles through their literal and emotional baggage in this taut and poignant drama about relatives, legacy, and connection. This West Coast premiere, brilliantly penned by first generation Nigerian-American storyteller Mfoniso Udofia, chronicles the triumphs and struggles of a tenacious family matriarch and two daughters. The mother and one of her daughters have called the United States home for many years. And the other daughter’s arrival raises heart-wrenching questions about the power of place, family bonds, and how we define our relationships over space and time.


Decades after Abasiama first immigrated to America, the full impact of her decision to send away her daughter, erupts when Abasiama’s family is reunited. As Nigerian traditions clash with the realities of American life, Abasiama and her daughters must confront complex familial legacies that span time, geography, language and culture.

The ability to learn to speak Ibibio (within the context of the play) with the appropriate dialect is a must. There will be a dialect coach.

ABASIAMA UFOT : 60’s. female, born in Nigeria, fluent in both ibibio and english, tough, protective matriarch of the Ufot family. Her first marriage to Iniabasi’s Father ended in disappointment. She harbors guilt for remaining in America while sending Iniabasi back to Nigeria to be raised by her Father. Fiercely loves both her daughters.

INIABASI EKPEYONG: 32-42 years, female, eldest daughter of Abasiama born in the U.S. but raised in Nigeria by her Father. Has traveled to the U.S. as an adult to essentially meet her Mother. Thicker Ibibio accent. Sweet in nature, both excited and overwhelmed to be in America. She keeps any anger she harbors towards her Mother contained until it reaches a breaking point.

ADIAHA UFOT: 25-35 years, Female, African American-U.S. born, half-sister of Iniabasi. She is fluent in english, hears ibibio but has a very limited speaking capacity. She is fiercely protective of her Mother. Adiaha is voluptuous and full figured in body type. She tries to remain diplomatic and keep a sense of humor in dealing with the situation between her mother and half-sister.

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