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A Streetcar Named Desire Open Callby Tennessee Williams | directed by Michael Michetti

Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
Time: 12p-8p
Casting Director: Victoria Hoffman

No appointments—auditioners will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. You will arrive and sign in for a time slot. No phone calls please.

If you have a question, please email us at: Please note we will NOT accept online submissions, nor will we take rain checks or make appointments at this email address.


Please bring a headshot and resume and prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue

Character descriptions and casting note listed below.


Boston Court Performing Arts Center
70 N. Mentor Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Parking lot is located behind the building but please enter through the front of the building into the lobby. There is also nearby street parking available.


AEA Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Agreement


Actors and understudies will be paid as hourly employees based on the current Los Angeles County minimum wage. At the time of this production, the minimum wage for our organization will be $10.50 per hour.


  • Rehearsals Begin: 1/9/18
  • Tech: 2/9—2/11
  • Dress Rehearsals: 2/13 & 2/14
  • Previews Begin: 2/15/18
  • Opening: 2/24/18
  • Runs through 3/25/18 with possible extension of up to four-weeks through 4/22/18
  • Performance Schedule: Thurs-Sat evenings, Sunday matinees (one added Mon. evening performance on 3/12/18)


This daring production strips away decades of Southern gothic gauze to reveal startling themes of class, race, and gender--reinvigorating the classic which shocked audiences in its debut 70 years ago. By placing the iconic 1940s-era Blanche within an entirely contemporary, multicultural, urban environment familiar to audiences but utterly foreign to her, this 21st century production highlights the relevance of this play for our divided America.


While all qualified actors will be considered, the concept for this production is that a traditionally cast Blanche will be surrounded by actors portraying Stella, Stanley, Mitch and other characters who are utterly contemporary, diverse, and multicultural. Actors of diverse ethnicity and types are strongly urged to apply.

Only Blanche will have a traditional southern accent, the rest should speak with contemporary, urban working class American English. The contrast in the playing styles is critical to this production concept.

BLANCHE: Age 30s. Role to be cast traditionally: white female, fair complexion, with a southern accent. A southern belle who is desperately trying to hold on to her youth and fading beauty. She is a bundle of contradictions: fragile and delicate but with ferocious will; demure but with a voracious sexual appetite. Blanche struggles to reconcile her upbringing, a life of genteel tradition and privilege, with the changing world around her, and the gulf between the two threatens her mental stability.

STELLA: Age mid-20s to 30s. Diverse ethnicity, female. Smart, strong and practical, maybe a little edgy in her appearance but warm and compassionate. Stella is Blanche’s vibrant and sensual younger sister, and is torn between her intense love and sexual attraction for her husband Stanley, and her empathy for Blanche.

STANLEY: Age late 20s to 30s. Diverse ethnicity, male. Former military, currently working as an auto parts salesman, Stanley is sexy and dynamic, intelligent, and has sly humor. He also is assertive, and has a powerful body and crude manners. Stanley has no patience for hypocrisy or deceit, and is prone to temper and violent outbursts. His mistrust of sister-in-law Blanche makes it difficult for him to keep his rage in check.

MITCH: Age late 20s to 30s. Any ethnicity, male. Stanley’s army buddy and co-worker, Mitch is the most sensitive of the poker players, and therefore the most appealing to Blanche. Tall, a little overweight and prone to sweating, he lives with and worries about his ill mother. When Blanche shows interest in Mitch, he courts her with sweet but awkward courtesy and clumsy compassion.

EUNICE: Age 30s-40s. Any ethnicity, trans female. Stella and Stanley’s upstairs neighbor and landlady, a woman with a big, colorful personality. She and her husband Steve fight a lot, but they’re loyal friends to their neighbors, and Eunice offers Stella a kind of maternal comfort.

STEVE: Age 30s-40s. Diverse ethnicity, male. One of the poker-playing buddies, married to Eunice, a transgender woman, and confident in his sexuality. He’s hot blooded and volatile, fights with his wife, and has a wandering eye.

PABLO and A YOUNG COLLECTOR: Age late teens-20s. Latino male. Pablo: One of the poker players, a cocky young man; Young Collector: A handsome teenage boy who comes to collect for the newspaper, and whom Blanche attempts to seduce.

AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN and A DOCTOR: Age late 30s-50s. African American male. African American Man: A gay friend of Eunice’s who hangs out with her on the front porch, laughing and taunting sexy Stanley; Doctor: The compassionate doctor whose kindness toward Blanche comforts her as she is taken away to the asylum.

A MEXICAN WOMAN and A NURSE: Age 40s-60s. Latina female. Mexican Woman: Roams the streets selling funeral decorations, and terrifies Blanche with her cries of “Flores para los muertos”; A Nurse: Severe and dispassionate, her job is to restrain Blanche as she resists being taken to the asylum.

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