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Play Submissions

Submission Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Our open window for submissions from LA playwrights closed February 20, 2017.

General Guidelines:

  • We accept scripts from agents via email: We do not accept submissions via US Mail or any alternate delivery service.
  • Before submitting a play we strongly suggest that you read our vision statement, current season and production history to determine if your work is appropriate for our theater
  • We are dedicated to producing new theatrical works that are stylistically daring. Our productions often utilize non-linear narratives, direct address and other non-naturalistic theatrical conventions. Beyond our stylistic and structural preferences, a Boston Court play is one that explores deep human themes. In the end, we prefer to be talking about the ideas brought up in a play, rather than its plot.
  • We do not consider one-acts or children's/youth plays.
  • As with all theatres, response time will depend on the number of current submissions for review. We will attempt to respond within six months.
  • Once a year we open a submission window to playwrights in the Los Angeles area. During that time we accept scripts through Submittable. Check back for the 2018 submission window.
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